Freitag, 1. Mai 2009

Mein Maiherz / My may- heart

Hallo meine Lieben, ich hab gestern zu den Glücklichen gehört, die von ihrem Liebsten ein Maiherz geschenkt bekamen.
Das ist ein ein Grund zur Freude und deshalb zeige ich euch voller Stolz dieses Bild.
Einige meiner lieben Leser aus Übersee haben gefragt, was es mit der Maifeier auf sich hat.
Ich denke ich werde dazu ein paar erklärende Worte schreiben müssen, doch euch allen im deutschsprachigen Raum brauche ich gewiss nicht zu erklären, was es mit dem "Tanz in den Mai" und mit "Walpurgisnacht" auf sich hat.
Habt noch ein schönes Wochenende.
Herzliche Grüße
Hello everybody,
some of you were asking me, what that may- celebration and the beltane fest is about.
I answerd the comments but you might not read it.
In Germany we have that huge May- celebration. In the Center of the villages we put a maypole. People were dancing around. There is music and we have bonfires. And the young guys put little decorated birch- trees in front of the windows of there girls.The older girls (like me) may get a flower- heart, if their men are careing enough.
I belong to the lucky ones, as you can see. And so I can proudly present my may- heart.
This party was yesterday. Today is Walpurgistag or Belane which is an ancient fest of the celts and simular the teutons. It is a pagan- fest but in Germany very well known, because of all the old customs and rituals, which still exist and because of all the fairy-tales of witches, who fly to the witch- mountain, known as Blocksberg on this night. So that is the Beltane- story.Even if it´s not known in America, Australia and England , the start of may is reason enough to have a party, isn´t it?
Enjoy your weekend


  1. Good for you Janine, Thats a pretty big heart someone gave you...and I love the story of the holiday..any reason to have witches around twice a year is ok by me!

  2. May Day looks like lots of fun! Thankyou for the birthday wishes too!

  3. Wow! What a giant heart! Someone sure does care about you. :) I've never heard of this celebration, but it sounds absolutely wonderful. I had a great time looking through your blog. Your art is beautiful and very romantic. And oooh! You got a Renee Award! Congratulations.

    Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment. :D

  4. Hi janine!
    Thank you for visiting.:)
    Your art is great! I like your paintings.
    I come again!!

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