Hello my friends,
if the weather is going to be warm again, we may want to sit in the garden again. In this case pretty lanterns are a pretty decoration.
These lanterns are made for one tealight and easy to make.
You require thin cardboard ( unichrome or patterned but not to dark), scissors, glue, Wire and eventually shells, beads and ribbons for the decoration, cooking- oil and a brush.
Then you have to bend a small part on top of the paper and a small bar on one side.Then you have to fold the paper in the middle and then from both edges to the middle again.
Now it is going to be a little bit more tricky.
You have to pull the upper left carner to the first of the three vertical lines you made before. Than made a sharp bend. Then pull the corner to the second and third line, then to the right outer edge and then beyond that. Now you should have 5 diagonal lines.
Do the same with the other side.
Now you have a checked pattern. Turn the paper round and glue the top side you bended before. On the opposite side you cut the paper at the three vertical lines up to the first joint.
Than glue the lantern at the side together.
The piece you cut before become the bottom, lay them over each other and stick them together.
Now comes the fun- part!
We have allready the basicform, what you have to do now is to impress the squares.
With a little practice and a dose of confidence this is easy.
And voilá you have this unusual and pretty shape.

Now you can make a handle out of a piece of wire.
Finally you should cover the lantern with cooking- oil. This makes the paper more shiny and the lantern more fire- resistant.
But be carefull!!!!
It is still paper.
Have fun!


This boxes are easy to make.

All you need is two big plastic closures, paper, cardboard, eventually colours braids and glue.
It is importand to glue a cardboardring in one of the closures, so you can be able to close it.

Now you can create them in your favourite style.
Give it a try



some times ago I found in a furniture and interior magazin wonderfull goldplated wooden letters. Of cause they were priceless. But it hasn´t to be wood and it hasn´t to be gold....
You require, cardboard, an old newspaper, a pensil, scissors, adhesivetape and gold- foil.
Write the letters on the cardboard and cut them out....
Then pad the letters with the paper on one side. Fix it with the tape....
It is almost done. You just have to cover the letters with foil. Cut the foil in narrow stripes, then it is easier to put them round the letters. On the backside you can fix the foil with some tape.
You can use this gorgeouse letters for many things and occasions.
I put some very big letters on a 1x 2 m large canvas. This is for the 25 anniversary of the youth- center I work for. It looks good, doesn´t it?