Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009

Die bayrische Prinzessin / The Bavarian Princess

Hallo meine Lieben,
da ist sie wieder, Sisi die Königin und Kaiserin. Doch auf meinem Bild ist sie noch eine kleine Prinzessin in Bayern. Sie trägt ein Dirndl und spielt mit ihrem Hund.
Ich mag die traditionelle Haartracht. Mit ihr sieht jede Frau aus, als würde sie eine Krone tragen. Das Bild wurde mit Acryl- und Wasserfarben gemalt, der Hintergrund und Sisis Rock mit Glitzerfarbe versehen.
Was soll ich sagen, ich mag es bunt und kitschig, ich kann es nicht ändern.
Das kleine Foto von mir, wurde vor fünf Jahren aufgenommen, als ich auf einer Oktoberfest- Party war.
Wie ihr sehen könnt, steht mir die Haarkrone auch ganz gut ;0)
Ich wünsche euch noch einen schönen Tag unter einem weißblauen Himmel, wo immer ihr auch seid.

Hallo my friends,
there she is again, Sisi the Queen and Empress. But on my painting she is still a little bavarian princess. She is wearing a Dirndl ( the traditional bavarian and austrian dress) and is playing with her dog.
I like the traditionally hairdo. With that, every woman looks as if she is wearing a crown.
The painting was made with acrylicpaint and watercolours on stretched canvas.
On the blue background (The blue and white rhombi are the bavarian flag) and Sisis skirt I put glitter.
What should I say, I like it colourful and kitschy. I can´t help it.
The little photo of me was taken five years ago, when I was on an Oktoberfest- party (the real "Oktoberfest" is in Munich. I live in another part of Germany where we don´t wear Dirndls usually). As you can see the hair- crown suits me quiet well ;0)
I wish you to have a wonderful day under a blue and white sky, whereever you are.


  1. Lovely painting! I really like her clothing. My husband's family is Swiss (they speak german/italian) and on Swiss National Day we all dress up in traditional swiss costume, which is similar to this!

  2. Sorry Janine, I haven't done this for anyone else. I was threatened with a letter form an attorney and was covering my back. Not for anyone who wished to paint eyes like I do. I do not wish to stop anyones creativity.
    I think the case is closed. Hopefully placing the section 3 on the side of my blog will help everyone know that they can be inspired and carry on without fear.
    Luv and hugs!


  3. This pretty princess is so very beautiful! Your work makes me smile!

  4. Dear Rerri,
    thank you for your sweet comment.

  5. Ooh. I like her a lot..especially love the border you put there . You look so pretty in that picture, like a princess yourself!
    Hugs, doris

  6. Sweet Doris,
    thanks a lot.
    But I have to admit that the princess gained a lot of weight, till then and now she looks more like queen mum ;0)

  7. Janine, I love your style of painting and this one is just beautiful! They all have such a whimsical quality to them and they do make me smile!