Samstag, 30. Mai 2009

Casting the spell

Hallo ihr Lieben,
ich bin wieder da. Meine Operation ist gut verlaufen und ich erhole mich.
Mein neues Bild heißt "Casting the spell" also den Zauber aussprechen.
Ob es sich um einen Zauber für die Liebe, die Gesundheit oder das große Glück handelt, dürft ihr selbst entscheiden.
Ich werde mir heute eure Blogs anschauen und sehen welchen Zauber ihr in den letzten Tagen kreiert habt.

Ich wünsch euch einen zauberhaften Tag

Hello my friends,
I´m back again. My operation went well and I recover.
My new painting is called "Casting the spell".
If it is a lovespell or a spell for health, or the big luck is on your side.
I will browse through your blogs today and see what magic you have created.

I wish you an enchanted day.



  1. Hello, Janine, I didn't know you were having an operation! I hope you are feeling better. Please take care of yourself and keep creating beautiful art like this one!!

  2. Schön, dass bei Dir alles gut verlaufen ist und Du warst schon wieder so kreativ. Mein Zauber liegt zu Zeit im Garten, er sieht jeden Tag verzaubert aus, es kommen immer wieder neue Überraschungen zum Vorschein.

    Ich wünsche Dir Gute Besserung und ein schönes Pfingstwochenende.

    LG Melontha

  3. Hi Janine, hope your feeling a lot better now and are back to your happy self! Love your art, she is very colourful and full of energy!
    Any thing good spells or good thoughts are all needed to share to help each other. Goodness of heart and it is so lovely of you to do this!
    Sending you lots of good energy thoughts!

  4. Oh Janine! I just got home from vacation and WHAT A SURPRISE! I'm so happy I won your giveaway.
    I'm also sorry I about your foot surgery. I hope everything is going well and you'll have a speedy recovery. Your paintings are such a delightful addition to my day when I check out your blog. They always make me smile!
    I am really in love with your mermaids!
    Thanks so much and get well soon!

  5. this is wonderful work Janine!!!

    hope everything went well with your operation....

  6. wunderschöne bild ,Janine!
    wünsche dir gute besserung!

    Liebe Grüße

  7. She's beautiful! And yes, I could use one of those spells. :)

    I'm so glad the operation went well and you are recovering. Three weeks without walking?! My! Well, that's a great excuse to make a lot of fabulous art.

  8. Hi, Janine! I hadn't realized that you had a recent operation! I hope that you're feeling better and am sending "healing vibes" to you!

    This is such a beautiful piece! Please get well soon. Hugs, Terri xoxo

  9. Thank you so much Terry, with all that friendly words of you and the good wishes I must recover in record time ;0)