Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2009

***1000 clicks = 1 Giveaway***

Hallo meine Lieben,
Ich feiere den 1000sten Klick auf meinem Blog, mit einem Giveaway für euch.
Es ist ein Bild mit dem kleinen Engel der den Himmel schmückt und dem Titel "I wish you heaven".
Alles was ihr dafür tun müsst, ist einen Kommentar unter diesem Post zu hinterlassen und kurz zu sagen, was für euch ein ganz persönliches Stück vom Himmel ist.
Für mich ist es ein sonniger Nachmittag in meinem Garten. Ich bin zusammen mit meinem Liebsten und guten Freunden und kann meinen Katzen beim sonnen zusehen.
Die kleinen Dinge sind oft die Kostbarsten.

Ich hoffe es gibt zahlreiche Kommentare. Erzählt es allen die ihr kennt!
Ihr habt Zeit bis zum 23. Mai.
Das Los entscheidet über den Gewinner.
Viel Glück, wünscht euch

Hallo my friends,
I celebrate the 1000th click on my blog with a giveaway.
It´s a painting with the little angel who decorates the sky, titeled "I wish you heaven".
All you have to do, is to leave a comment underneath this post and briefly telling in it what your personal little piece of heaven is.
For me it is a sunny afternoon in my garden. Being there with my darling and some friend and watch the cats taking a sunbath.
The little things in life are often the most precious.

I hope there will be lots of comments. Go and tell everybody you know!
You have time till the 23. of May.
the winner will be choosen by lot.
Good luck to all of you


  1. Haben will!!!!
    Jetzt weiß ich doch endlich, wie die Strene an den Himmel kommen.

  2. Congratulations on your 1000th click! This is a lovely painting and I'm sure anyone who wins this will cherish it forever. I will mention your contest in my next blog post. Take care.

  3. Dear Arlette,
    you are so sweet and friendly.
    Thank you.

  4. Very cute little Angel Janine. Congratulations on your 1000 clicks! My little piece of heaven has my family and all of my sewing supplies!

  5. What a fabulous giveaway!Ich wuerde mich naturlich sehr freuen! Ein Blog zu haben macht einfach so viel Spass! (pardon my horrible language skills:)

  6. Dear Kermit, you do it well (giggle)

  7. She is sweet Janine. Congratulations on your 1000 clicks, wow! Your an heart to art magnet! Keep up your fantastic art!Ii love it! Thank you for sharing with me and all beautiful bloggers including you!

    luv and hugs!


  8. Congrats on your 1000 click!
    Beautiful angel painting too!~

  9. Dear Janine, Congratulations on your 1000th click!
    The painting is lovely as always.
    It's very hard to say what my little piece of heaven is... I have so many little things that make me happy : )
    I guess my all time favorite little piece of heaven is sitting on the beach with my husband and family listening to the pounding surf while reading a really good book!

  10. Dear Janine,
    Congratulations on your 1000th click!
    The painting is lovely as always.
    Telling you what my little piece of heaven is would be difficult since I have so many things that bring me joy. But I'll try... I guess my ultimate piece of heaven is sitting on the beach with my husband and family, listening to the pounding of the surf while reading a really good book!

  11. Hallo Janine,
    ich find deine Bilder wunderschön und würde gerne deinen kleinen Engel für mein Zimmer als zierde haben.
    Viel erfolg mit deinem Blogg in Liebe.

  12. Hallo Süße,
    ich finde den Engel wunderschön und melde mich zurück im Netz.

    Ich wünsche dir für deinen Weg den du begonnen hast zu begehen, viel Erfolg, Glück und Kraft.

    Sei liebevoll gedrückt.


  13. Wow Janine, that's a lot of clicks!I have been trying to think of my idea of heaven (a little piece)...hmmm...I have to say it would entail having a compartment on a train all to myself and travel across country being able to stop and visit places along the way! I love riding on trains! Of course, it goes without saying that Widget and Sadie could come along too! I'm going to go announce your wonderful prize on my site now! hygs, doris

  14. Hi Doris, I like your idea of heaven very much.
    I love to rain trains aswell.
    On day I want to travel in the Orientexpress and the transsibirian railway.
    AND I WILL !!

  15. Congrats on your blog! My little heaven is spending any time with my 3 and 5 year old girls. Skipping, playing games, playing at the park and listening to them whisper to each other at night before they fall asleep to name a few. They are my angels!

    Congratulations again!

    Best Wishes,

  16. Congrats and I love your beautiful picture. You certainly are a talented gal!

  17. Hi Annemarie, thanks for stopping.

  18. That is a beautiful painting. My little bit of heaven would be to sit on my hill here in Missouri and be able to quilt and enjoy family and friends. Maybe one day I will win the lottery!! Oh but I guess I would have to play.

  19. Hallo Janine,

    gratuliere Dir zu 1000 clicks.
    Mein persönliches Stück Himmel liegt in der Natur, mit allem Schönen was sie zu bieten hat.

    Liebe Grüsse Melontha

  20. Hello, Janine - such a sweet painting! I love angels. My piece of heaven is sitting outside under a roof when it rains in spring and summer. We have a barn outback with a tin roof and the rain makes a wonderful noise on it. But sitting on a porch in the rain is fine too. I love the smell and feel of the earth and being alive.

  21. Hello Janine!

    Congratulations on your 1000th click! You angel painting is so sweet!

    My idea of a little piece of heaven is a gentle snow fall during the holidays. Perfect!

    Thanks so much for visiting my new blog, and for your very sweet comments too!

    Paulette :o)

  22. Hallo Janine, you have a very sweet site. My little piece of Heaven was when a stray cat gave me 4 beautiful kittens. My best friend has 2 and I have 2. They are 3 years old but I still remember the tiny little furry angels. =^..^=