Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2009

Zwei Nixen / Two nixies

Hallo ihr Lieben
Ich mach es heute kurz, denn ich hab noch unglaublich viel zu tun (lauter unangenehmes Zeug natürlich).
Ich hab gestern noch ein Nixenbild gemalt.
Meine kleine Meerjungfrau schwimmt nicht allein im Ozean.
Sie bekommt Gesellschaft. Mit guten Freundinen macht das Plantschen doch doppelt so viel Spaß.
Ich wünsch euch einen schönen Tag
Hallo my friends
I make it short today, for I have got terrible much to do ( lots of unpleasent things of course).
Yesterday I made another nixie- painting.
My little meremaid does not swimm alone in the ocean.
She gets some company. With good friends it´s much more fun to flounder around in the water.
Have a good day


  1. Your memraids are beautiful! The colors are so fun!

  2. Beautiful colors and whimsical design - lovely as always, Janine!! Hope you get everything done that you need to do.

  3. Janine,

    Love the girls. Take care and try not to let the day get you down.


  4. Thank you Deana, Lisa and Georgina for your friendly words.
    Days work is done and I´m still standing ;0)

  5. Janine, I love the two mermaids. The composition is great...together they seem to create a never-ending circle . Keep up the good work.

  6. I love the way their hands are moving and swimming!

  7. Hi Janine, I live about 25 miles from Sheffield in Doncaster. The full Monty film is great, still a favourite
    Lots of pantomimes and shows to see. great entertainment.
    We speak the same, so you listen to full monty thats us,lol!
    Do you live somewhere nice? Historical? Just plain lovely, your friends and family are lovely.

  8. Your mermaids are so fantastic, they made me laugh they are so happy to be showing off their boobs, lol!
    Beautiful painting. One of my favourites!

  9. They remind me of picasso paintings.

  10. These mermaids are so great Janine. Your paintings are just getting better and better!

  11. Dear Kaili,
    I hape they do.
    I just started painting again in February after a break of more than 10 years.
    I recognice it myself that I paint more fluently now.