Montag, 27. April 2009

Bald ist Walpurgisnacht / Soon there is Beltane

Liebe Freunde
In drei Tagen tanzen wir in den Mai, und in vier Tagen ist Walpurgisnacht.
Die kleine pummelige Hexe wird es in diesem Jahr nicht mehr auf den Besen schaffen und feiert mit ihren Freunden in ihrem Lieblingspub auf ein paar Cocktails und einen Whisky.
Wie kommt ihr in den Mai?
Liebe Grüße
Dear friends
In four days we have the beltane- fest.
The little chubby witch will not manage to ride the broom this year and so she and her friends are in their favourite pub, where they have a few cocktails and some whi(m)sky.
How do you celebrate the beltane- fest?
Greetings to all of you


  1. Hi Janine! Great painting! I like the advertisements on the wall too. And of course the shrimp cocktail looks yummy. I really enjoyed viewing your art and blog. Thanks for coming to visit!

    Lisa :)

  2. Janine, I love this painting...and the adorable little kitty in the bar...looks like my Pushkin only white instead of grey! How sweet!

  3. Dear Lisa, dear Doris
    thank you for your sweet comments.
    I hope you enjoy your beltane- fest

  4. Your header is delightful!!!!! I love your style! I also enjoyed your garden, I love flowers!
    thanks for visitng my blog!

  5. I love your painting! So many details and so much fun. Love the shrimp cocktail and the bottle of whimsky! Very cute.
    What is Beltane fest?

  6. Hi Janine, Sounds such fun, I don't think we celebrate this occasion.
    Thank you so much for your dearest message. Really cheered me up. I don't feel sad any more and feeling more positive about this experience.
    Hope you have a really special day!

    Best wishes and blessings!

  7. Janine, I love these little witches, and the setting is terrific! Thanks for making me smile! Hugs xoxo

  8. My dear friends,
    in Germany we have that huge May- celebration.
    In the Center of the yillage we put a maypole.
    People were dancing around.There is music and we have May- fires. And the young guys put little decorated birch- trees in front of the windows of there girls.
    The older girls (like me) may get a flower- heart, if their men are careing enough
    This party is today.
    Tomorrow is Walpurgisnacht or Belane which is an ancient fest of the celts and simular the teutons.
    It is a pagan- fest but in Germany very well known, because of all the old rituals,which still exist and all the fairy-tales of witches, who fly to the witch- mountain, known as Blocksberg on this night.
    So that is the Beltane- story.
    Even if it´s not known in America, Australia, England , the start of May is reason enough to have a party. isn´t it?

  9. Very cute!
    I bet that cat would like to get his paws on some of those cocktail shrimp!

  10. What a cute painting Janine. Now I must go look up what a Beltane-fest is!

  11. Hi Janine, lovely to hear from you. So pleased you find these post helpful. I agree with you, with all this upset floating around the net, the strong and beautiful have shined and this is outstanding! I am concentrating on this.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend?

    Lots of luv and hugs!