Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009

Sense and Sensibility - "Three Muses"

Hallo ihr Lieben
Heute gibt es nur einen schnellen Post.
Ich hab mir letztlich noch mal den wundervollen Film "Sinn und Sinnlichkeit" angesehen und daraufhin meine Interpretation der Dashwood Schwestern gemalt. Darf ich vorstellen ( von rechts nach links)
Miss Dashwood, Miss Marianne and Margarete.
Dieses Bild passt wundervoll zu  Thema "Long ago and far away" von "Three muses".
Es gibt bei Strangegirl. com übrigen einen netten Test, in dem man feststellen kann, welcher Jane Austin Heldin man entspricht.
Bei mir wäre das  Elizabeth Benning, was ich gar nicht so  unpassend finde (he he).
Habt noch einen schönen Tag
Hello my friends
Today I have just a quick post for you.
Lately I watched the wonderful film "Sense and Sensibility" and afterwards I painted my interpretation of the Dashwood- sisters.
May I introduce to you ( from right to left) Miss Dashwood, Miss Marianne and Margarete.
It fits perfectly to the topic "Long ago and far away" of the "Three muses".
At strangegirl.com you can find a nice test, where you can find out to wich  Jane Austin- Heroine you match.
In my case that is  Elizabeth Benning. I think that is quiet fitting (he he).
Have a nice day


  1. Das Bild ist dur gelungen und das Motiv ist eine wundervolle Idee.
    Ps. Ich war laut Test mal Elizabeth Bennet;-)

  2. How absolutely divine this painting!!! I love each one of them. They are simply beautiful. Great color and texture too. great work.

  3. I loved the movie, Janine, and I LOVE this beautiful, romantic interpretation too. You've given each of the sisters great personality! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. Hello Miss Janine! I love your painting and the interesting thing about it is that they really do look like sisters. You've been able to capture their similarities even though they look remarkably different.
    I'm sorry for not getting back to you. Theres a whole bunch of things going on over here at the same time and it's driving me a little crazy. I was going to do a craft show but had to cancel because my hubby will be needing surgery soon. I do not sell my items online but I hope to be able to do that one day.
    I hope you are well. I know that it must be getting really cold where you are about now. Take care, stay warm.

  5. Very nice Janine! I love the pretty colors!

  6. Great painting Janine! I'm so far behind on reading all my favorite blogs!

  7. Your painting is superb! Sense and Sensibility is one of my favourite books (and films). Lucky you being Miss Elizabeth Bennett!! She was her own person and she had great style!!
    Thanks so much for joining in the challenge.

  8. What a great first entry to one of our challenges! Thank you for sharing your talent. I have added your name to our Blog Roll of participants, and hope we will see you again for next week's challenge!

  9. your painting is stunning! i also loved the book and movie and without taking the test, i would have to say that i am miss dashwood, being the oldest of two younger sisters. thank you for sharing your beautiful painting with us and for playing in the challenge!

  10. A beautiful painting that really captures the essence of that time period . Wonderful art!

  11. Beautiful interpretation of the theme Janine!

  12. I am so glad you found us Janine or we would have missed this absolutely stunning painting of the Dashwood sisters. I am in awe of your painting talent.

    Thank you for joining in and I so hope you will join in again.

  13. Your painting is very beautiful, and it's a lovely interpretation of Jane Austen's world. Great take on the theme!

  14. Fabulous Janine, you art always gives me a big smile with lots of sunshine!

  15. Hi Janine! Your three sisters are so lovely! I love all those beautiful morning glories you added to the painting too! Hugs, Paulette ;)

  16. Hello my dear friends. Thanks everybody for commenting this post.I had 4 more lovely comments wich I appreciatet a lot.
    Thanks Darlene for your lovely words.
    And thank you to the other ladys.
    SILLY ME!!!!
    I´M SORRY!!

  17. Hello my sweet friend. thanks so very much for you kind words and sweetness shown to me. I really appreciate it. Your words brought my heart such comfort. Thanks so much for being a friend. I really appreciate it. Thanks again and again.

  18. What a lovely painting and beautiful take on the theme!!


  19. Aaah, so romantic! I love this book, and I love your portraits of them. Beautiful! And I love the framing of morning glories, too.