Montag, 5. Oktober 2009

Halloween rückt näher/ Halloween is approaching

Hallo meine Lieben,
Halloween rückt näher und meine kleine Hexe macht sich daran, die Kürbisse zu preparieren.
Ihr kleiner vierbeinger Helfer braucht kein Messer, er hat sein eigenes Schnitzwerkzeug (he he he).
Der gestrige Tag brachte auch für mich eine schöne Übberaschung.
Ich bekam den "Kreativ- Blogger- Award von Georgina . Daran ist mal wieder eine Bedingung geknüpft. Ich soll 7 Dinge über mich erzählen und den Preis an 7 Leute weiterreichen.
1. Ich liebe kitschige Filme, und heule ständig im Kino
2. Ich muss beim Lesen und Malen eine Brille tragen
3. Ich kann den Herbst nicht leiden ( Halloween macht ihn erträglicher)
4. Ich bin erst ansprechbar nach einer Tasse Kaffee
5. Ich bin schrecklich faul
6. Ich liebe, liebe, liebe Bücher
7. Eine Dame werde ich nie.

Den Preis reiche ich weiter an...(steht weiter unten, unter der englischen Übersetzung)
Alles Gute euch allen
Hello my friends,
Halloween is coming up soon, and my little whitch is preparing her pumpkins. Her little four-legd helper doesn´t need a knife. He has his own Carving- tools (he he he).
Yesterday a got a nice surprise from Georgina of She gave me the "Kretiv- Blogger- Award". Thank you very much Georgina. Of cause I have to do someting now.
First I have to mention seven things about me, and then I have to pass the award to seven other people.
All right...
1. I love cheesy, kitschy movies and I cry all the time in cinema.
2. I have to wear glasses when I read or paint
3. I dislike autumn (without Halloween I would hate it)
4. I can´t start the day without coffee.
5. I am terribly lazy
6. I love, love, love books
7. I suppose I never become a lady

And now the seven creativ, awesome people I pass the award to.

- Jill (happy birthday my dear)
- Bella
- Cathy
- Kerstin
- Diana
- Charmaine
- Marie

I wish all of you a good start in the week
Yours Janine


  1. JANINE!! How sweet of you...I dont deserve another award!Thank you so much, now do I pass this along? What do I do next?
    PS...your Halloween paintings are so colorful and fun, they jump off the screen!....makes me want Halloween to come sooner!
    Love you.xoxoxo Charmaine

  2. Your little witch is just adorable. When I lived in Germany all those many years ago, I don't recall the Germans celebrating Halloween unless they were invited to the American Kaserns. I guess it's become popular now. I do remember my friend took me to her son's kindergarten class, which was a church across the street from our apartment, and we made little paper lanterns. Later, she told me everyone wanted their child to have the "Americanish" lantern since it was very different from everyone else. I put a desert scene from home...missed the desert a lot in those days, now I live in it again!!! Anyway, it was for a celebration of a saint or All Saints Day...don't really remember what it was for, but that night in that classroom, they served hot pretzels with butter....ooooh yummy!!! Leave it to me to remember that food!!! LOL

  3. Janine, you are too kind! Thanks so much for the award. I feel like I haven't been around to everyone's blog to visit like I should. I've missed too many of your delightful paintings.
    I will catch up this week.
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Gratuliere dir zum Award!

    Das du den Herbst nicht magst hat mich überrascht, da du so schöne herbstliche Halloween-Bilder malst.

    Dein neues Halloween Bild ist auch wieder klasse, besonders mag ich die Katze die mit Ihren Krallen in den Kürbis schnitzt- tolle Idee.

  5. oh wow!!! I love this...your work is much fun!!!

  6. Oh, Janine! I can't start my day without coffee either, and I cry at movies, and I DO love the cheesey, romantic ones the best!

    I LOVE this colorful witch! This painting if full of the joy of the season. I'd never know that you didn't like autumn. LOL!

    OK - An ATC is a small card that's sized 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" (sorry I don't know cm's!). It can be made of just about anything as long as it's that size. You can sketch, collage, paint, use photo, fabrics, etc. on the front of the card, and on the back you put your name and contact information. These cards are meant to be swapped or traded with other artists and never sold. ATC translates to "Artist Trading Card". Hope that helps! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. HAHAHAHAHA! Yes, let's be lazy together!!! Finally, someone to just lounge around with. :D

    Thank you so much, my dear friend! I am honored to receive this from you. And I enjoyed reading more about you. Have a wonderful week!

  8. Ack! I forgot to mention how much I love following your little witch. What a very talented kitty. rawr.

  9. Beautiful witch Janine! I love the cheesy, romantic movies too -- the sappier the better!

  10. Hallo Janine na das ist ja nett! Danke dir und muß ich nun auch Fragen beantworten? Ich nehme es erst mal so mit,ok? (Bin froh wenn ich gleich liege). Na du warst aber fleissig. Danke dir Janine

  11. What a cute painting! I love the colors you used. Congrats on your award! ... I love the fall, and the winter too! Hugs, Paulette ;)