Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

"IF/ Flying" - A prayer for kitty

Hallo meine Lieben,
das dieswöchige Thema von IF ist "flying".
Mein Beitrag hat einen traurigen Hintergrund. Die schwarzweiße Katze, die Einlass im Katzenhimmel begehrt, habe ich vorgestern gesehen. Sie lief wie ein geölter Blitz über die Strasse. Ich konnte grade noch in die Eisen treten und dem Schicksal dafür danken, dass kein Fahrzeug hinter mir fuhr, als ich sie in den Gegenverkehr laufen sah.
Ich musste im Rückspiegel sehen, wie sie unter die Räder kam. Ich glaube nicht, das sie noch einen heilen Knochen im Leib hatte, aber sie sprang auf und lief im Zickzack über die Straße. Ich habe gehalten genau wie die Fahrerin des anderen Wagens. Sie war vollkommen fertig. Wir beide haben die Katze gesucht, aber es war dunkel und abseits der Strasse brannte keine Laterne. Sie wird sich irgendwo verkrochen haben.
Wir konnten sie nicht finden und wir konnten ihr nicht helfen.
Es war so traurig, diesen Unfall mit anzusehen. Genauso ist mein Hund damals ums Leben gekommen. Es ist 14 Jahre her und ich muss immer noch weinen wenn ich daran denke.
Mein Bild ist ein kleines Gebet für die Schwarzweiße und für alle Katzen, Hunde und andere Tiere, die gegen die großen Monster aus Blech keine Chance haben.
Fahrt bitte vorsichtig
Eure Janine
Hello my friends
The latest IF- topic is "flying".
My contribution has a sad background. I saw the black and white cat, who demands admittance at the heavens- gate, the day befor yesterday. She ran cross the street like a greased lightning. I just managed to apply the breaks and to thank the fate, that there was no car behind me, when I saw her running in the oncoming traffic. I could see her in the review- mirror under the wheels. I believe every bone in her body must have been broken, but she jumped up and run across the street in a zick- zack.
I stopped the car immediatly and so did the driver of the other car. The lady who had driven the car was beat. We both were searching the cat but it was dark and there was no light beside the street. The cat hid somewhere and we weren´t able to find and to help her.
It was so sad to see that accident. My dog just died the same way. It´s 14 years ago and I still have to cry when I think of it.
My painting is a little prayer for the Black and white one and for all cats, dogs and other animals who have no chance against the big metal monsters.
Please drive carefully


  1. Awwww, what a sad story Janine. If only the animals knew what we know about cars. Such a sweet painting this time!

  2. Oh Janine, you are such a beautiful person. You must be so upset. I have experienced something very similar and I really feel for you.

    My second husband ran over two dogs, one big and the other small. Bless the dogs so much they were crossing the traffic light crossing side by side like a couple. It is a busy road and cars go fast. They both went under the car and I heard every one of their bones break. It is such an awful horror for me to think of this day. I shouted at my hubby to stop, but he wouldn't. I managed to get him to drive me to a police station. On the way back I saw the two dogs on the side of the road one with blanket over fully and the other must of been still alive with a blanket up to the neck. The couple who helped them stared at us really badly and rightly so. They were in the car behind us and saw everything. I was screaming my head off at Kris. I would of stopped and taken care of them. All my hubby could do was laugh about it with his friends after this too. They kept making sick jokes and when I told them it wasn't nice it made them worse. I was the only one in the car that day that any remorse. I couldn't wait to get home and never went out with these people again either. This marriage didn't last long after that. Although I am still friendly with him. I will never forget this day.

    You have such a kind heart and looked for this poor kitty and then painted a beautiful painting in its honor. I know you wouldn't do anything to harm any creature. You are an earth angel and am proud to know you!

  3. Hi Janine, I too need to write things down and put the note in front of me like the fireplace.

  4. Beautiful painting for such a sad story.... Bonjour Janine! Please come over for a short visit when you have a minute! I am having a fun giveaway! Hugs, LuLu

  5. Dear Julie- Ann, YOU are the angel, I am a highly abortive mortal with too many mistaces ;0)

  6. Das Sterben von Haustieren ist immer ein sehr traurige Sache. Wenn ich da an meinen Hund denke; Es ist 8 Jahre her, aber ich schaue mir noch immer nicht die Bilder von ihm an. Es macht mich zu traurig.
    Aber unsere Tiere kommen ja alle in den Himmel. Du hast es so schön gemalt. Vielleicht warten sie dort auf uns;-)

  7. Hi Janine,
    Thank you for your visit to my blog, I love your blog as well.. and your art work is so pretty..
    The story of your cat.. omg.. is awful.. but I understand, I lost my little cocker spaniel that way.. on vacation.. came home empty handed.. was so very sad.. Time heals... but you memory will live on.......... Hugs, Darlene

  8. Ohhhh, Janine! I am sooo sorry to hear the story about that poor animal! How traumatic! Your painting is a beautiful prayer. I'm sure the kitty is an angel now. Thank you for your visit. I'm glad that you enjoyed the mosaics. Hugs, Terri xoxo