Sonntag, 19. Juli 2009


... and the living is easy
Von wegen!
Draußen schaut es aus, als ob der Herbst schon vor der Tür steht.
Und mir ist heute gar nicht so leicht ums Herz.
In der gleichen Sommer- herbei- sehnenden Stimmung war ich als ich im Winter dieses Bild gemalt habe.
Vielleicht kommt er ja wieder, der Sommer.
.... and the living is easy
As if!
It looks outside as if the autumn is knocking on the door.
And I don´t feel easy at all.
In the same longing- for- summer- mood I made this painting in the winter. Well, maybe it´s not over yet, the summer


  1. Love your art! Love your blog! Signed as a follower too! (Come visit!)

  2. Janine, I love your little painting. I remember summers in Stuttgart...that's what we call winter here in the desert Southwestern part of the U.S. Haha! However, I could use some of that lovely cool weather right about now as we sizzle under the sun here.

  3. Here, it's the opposite for me - it's so hot and humid (and staying that way for at least three more months) that I am having dreams of fall and winter... Maybe I can send a little of our sunshine and heat your way! :) Silke

  4. Oh, I totally forgot to say that I LOVE your painting! :) Silke

  5. Thank you my friends, I love to hear how it is on your side of the earth

  6. This is lovely! I love the entire composition and all the beautiful colors!

  7. Love your lady art, she's does look in a happy place. Such beautiful colours.
    Summer time and the living is easy.
    Have a great week Janine!

  8. Yeah I agree with Julie, this is lovely!

  9. this is so much fun Janine!!! lovely work!!!

  10. I know what you mean. It doesn't really feel like summer here. It's been unseasonably cool with lots of clouds and rain. I'm used to sunny, warm days. The good news is that the flowers are loving the cooler temperatures and I don't have to water them as often!
    Love your painting!

  11. So true Janine! It is something unsettling about this weather, but your painting is beautiful and has such wonderful color and movement! What a great piece! Very nice my friend. Very nice indeed!

  12. It's always fun to paint summer scenes in the middle of winter. What a great way to dream of the days to come! Pretty painting!

  13. I love this piece, and your style!
    I get excited when the season changes from winter to spring or from summer to fall.