Dienstag, 9. Juni 2009

Verlangen / Craving

Hallo ihr Lieben,
Das jetzige Thema auf "Illustration Friday" ist "Caving", was soviel heißt wie Verlangen, Begehren, Sehnsucht.
Ich habe dieses Acrylbild zu dem Thema gemacht. Ich kann mich erinnern, dass ich als Kind die Nase am Spielzeugladen platt drückte, weil ich unbedingt eine Barbie wollte.
Und eines Tages, es war ein ganz normaler Tag, brachte mein Vater mir ZWEI Barbies mit.
Gott, was war ich glücklich...
Ich hoffe, der Kleine wird sein Schaukelpferd bekommen.
Mein jetziges Verlangen wird übermorgen gestillt, wenn ich endlich die Fäden gezogen bekomme. Und dann komm ich endlich mal wieder vor die Tür.
Am Wochenende heiraten der Bruder meines Süßen und seine Verlobte in Norddeutschland.
Die beiden sind ein schönes Paar und ich freue mich schon sehr auf ihre Hochzeit und auf das kommende Wochenende.
Mögen alle eure Sehnsüchte erfüllt werden
P.S. Seid vorsichtig mit dem was ihr euch wünscht.........
Hello my friends,
The new topic on "Illustration Friday" is "caving" . I made this acrylic painting for that topic.
I can remember, when I was a child I flattened my nose on the toy- shop- windows, because I wanted so much to have a Barbie.
And one day, just a normal day, no birthday or something like that, my father came and had TWO barbies for me.
Gosh, was I happy.
My carving now, will be fullfilled tomorrow, when my stitches will be taken out and I can step out the next days.
Next weekend, my sweethearts brother and his fiancée will marry in northgermany.
They are a lovly couple and I really look forward to their marriage and the coming weekend.
May all your carvings will be fullfilled
P.S. Be careful, with what you wish....


  1. That's a wonderfull vision Janine. I can remember doing just that too. You've provided a scene that will be nostalgic for us all! But what stitches? I must have missed something because I didn't know you were having an operation...or an accident? Be well.

  2. Du hast ein schönes Thema für dein Bild gewählt, Sehnsüchte sind gut, auch wenn sie nicht immer in Erfüllung gehen, aber wen man alles haben könnte, würde das Leben keinen Spass mehr machen.

    Liebe Grüsse Melontha

  3. I love window art! This is so beautiful, love hoe you have painted a rocking horse in the shop window. Cute!
    Have a great day at the wedding and great news your getting better! Yeah!

  4. This is a great painting of the topic craving. Well done! I bet you are looking forward to being able to walk around. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  5. I am loving your blog. sehr gut!

  6. Hi Auntie Janine, thank you so much for your advice. I am really happy the gallery are selling prints and art, sorry I must of put myself across wrongly. Just wanted to sell some small prints on Etsy or something to help. The prints in the gallery are not selling, really hard for the owners. I do hope they pick up soon. They are putting so much energy and love into their gallery.
    Really are pulling out all the stops they can.
    The gallery is at the seaside, so hoping for a summer sell out?
    Here's to our fingers crossed!
    I found a small canon printer Canon PIXMA iP4600 Printer. Cheap and has great reviews.
    Thank you for being my auntie, do you know what your getting yourself into, my hubby says you don't know the half of it,lol!

    Sweet dreams;)

  7. Janine, this is a fabulous painting!
    I just love it.
    I also LOVE my little painting of the angel. She arrived yesterday and she's more wonderful in person than when I saw her on your blog.
    Thanks again. I posted her on my blog.
    I'm so happy you get your stitches out. Hope it's all healed up.
    Have a great time at the wedding this weekend.

  8. Hi, Janine, I know you were only joking about the aunt! Love to count you in on the draw. Thank you so much for all your beautiful messages.

  9. Hi Janine! Wonderful painting and such a lovely story too! Thanks for sharing! Glad you got your stitches out! Hope you had a wonderful wedding weekend!

    Creative Blessings,
    Lisa :)

  10. Janine,
    What a sweet painting! Have fun at the wedding and thanks for your concern about my father in law.

  11. Hallo Janin
    Ich habe mal durch deinen Blog gestöbert und ich bin ganz begeistert. Vor allem deine Bilder sind wunderschön.

  12. what a wonderful image! I love what's behind the boy--another fantastic world. This could be a great book idea!