Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009

Katzen und Literatur / Cats and literature

Man kann auf vieles verzichten, aber nicht auf Katzen und Literatur.
Das diese beiden zusammengehören, zeigen mir meine beiden Süßen ständig, denn das Bücherregal ist ein absoluter Lieblingsplatz von Ihnen.
Kennt ihr das Buch "Felidae" von Akif Pirincci?
In diesem wunderbaren Katzenkrimi, stellt sich raus, dass die Katzen im Geheimen Lesen.
Wenn sich also das nächste Mal eure Katze auf eure Zeitung legt, dann wisst ihr, dass sie euch möglicherweise nicht nur vom Lesen abhalten will, sonders sich heimlich informiert.
Die kleinen Lieblinge stecken ja voller Geheimnisse.
Alles Liebe
One can do without a lot of things but not without cats and literature.
That this two belong together, has been proved by my two cats often, for the bookshelf is one of their favourite places.
Do you know the book "Felidae" by Akif Pirincci?
In this wonderful Cat- Thriller, the secret is revealed, that cats do read secretly.
So if your cat will lay down on your newspaper the next time, then you know, that she might have more in mind, than just to stop you from reading.
Maybe she just want to inform herself.
The little darlings are full of secrets.
Have a good time


  1. Oh Janine, this reminds me of my cat, Tomas (with an accent on the a). He used to cuddle in the book shelves and sleep between my British Literature text book from college and and my ex's dental text books...he found the location very comfortable and could keep an eye on our Belgian Shepard puppy.

  2. Hi Janine! Wonderful painting! So adorable! Love the meaning it represents too!

    Thanks so much for your birthday wishes! I really appreciate it! Have a lovely day!

    Lisa :)

  3. That is a lovely painting! So sweet! Unser Liebling legt sich nicht nur auf unsere Buecher wenn wir lesen, aber erzaehlt dabei auch noch so laut, dass wir das Lesen ganz vergessen koennen...:) Silke

  4. Dear Silke
    Vieleicht leist er euch laut vor?

  5. Hi Janine, than you for your address. I have been waiting for my new printer to be up and running to print you a better picture. The printer is awesome and you are going the love the print. So cool!
    I think it needs 24 hrs drying time?
    Not forgotten!
    Luv and hugs!


  6. Hi Janine! I'm so glad I found your blog! (And I see that Silke has visited here, too!) I know I will stop by often.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too.

    Alles, alles Gute!
    Bis bald,

  7. Beautiful painting. I love your wisdom about cats and books. You are probably right in every respect. Cats are very wise creatures and I have no doubt that they get it from reading books! **giggle**
    Thanks for your post to my blog about forgetfullness. I have to say that it brought a huge smile to my face and a pretty huge giggle too!
    Have a fabulous weekend, my friend!

  8. darling!

    my cat must not like to read, my cat only sleeps with the towels. :)
    note to self: make room on bookshelf so kitty can get some culture!