Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Amselchen schlaf / Blackbird sleep

Hier ist die Mama...
Here is the mother...

und hier die Kleinen, sie scheinen hungrig zu sein.
and here are the little ones, they seem to be hungry.

Oder sind sie doch nur müde ?
Or are they just tired?

Schlaft schön....
Sleep well....


  1. Ich musste nachschauen was Amsel heisst auf Englisch. Es heisst blackbird. Hmmm, komisch. Ich erinnere mich aber noch als ich in der dritten Klasse das Lied "Alle Voegel sind Schon Da" sang. Amsel, Drossel, Fink und Star - und die ganze Vogelschar...

  2. Hi Janine!! OH my..how beautiful and adorable!! I Love birds....Thanks for sharing these magical moments of such precious creatures!How wodnerful and exciting!! enjoy!

    You asked if i have ever been to Venice..I haven't been YET! I have been to Italy! My painting also did make me think of the masks there...that is so cool you would see that too!! Thankyou for your beautiful visit!

  3. How sweet, Janine...and how lucky you could take these pics. We have these black birds out here, they're called Grackles and they're mean as hell when they nesting, like the Mocking birds too...they'll swoop down and peck you if you get too close. We have some nesting right outside our front door in our Cherry Laurel tree. I have to use my umbrella every time I go out. My husband braves it though!! LOL I can't even take my little Chihuahuas out for their morning trek on our front lawn because these birds could hurt them seriously, so we'll have to wait till those birdies are on their own before we can go back to our regular outing!!

    Have a great week, my amiga. Take care.


  4. OOOOOooohhhhhh . . . . . so adorable!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. Sweet birdies. They do look comfy. Nice photos.

  6. Oh Janine, what cute little birdies! I love birds so much, they make my days so beautiful with their songs. Your photos look singing to me!

  7. Ich denke, dass die Kleinen immer hungrig sind und die Mama wird sehr müde sein ;-)
    Wunderschöne Aufnahmen sind das.
    Liebe Grüße