Montag, 13. Juni 2011

Impressions of Slovakia

Hallo meine Freunde,
Mein Freund und ich sind in der Slovakei in Urlaub gewesen.
Dieses kleine Land ist wunderschön. Die Hauptstadt Bratislava ist bezaubernd,es gibt mit der Hohen Tatra große Berge, es gibt Seen und Burgen, kleine Dörfer mit Holzkirchen,in denen die Zeit still zu stehen scheint und eine wunderbare Flora und Fauna. Nie sah ich zuvor einen der seltenen Schwarzstörche und nie so viele Bienenstöcke.
Ich wünsche euch einen guten Start in die Woche
Eure Janine
Hello my friends, 
My friend and I have been to Slovakia for holidays. 
This small country is beautiful. The capital Bratislava is charming, with the High Tatras they have big mountains, there are lakes and castles, small villages with wooden churches, in which time seems to stand still and a wonderful flora and fauna. I never saw before one of the rare black storks and never so many bee-hives. I wish you a good start in the week
Yours Janine

 Doesn´t he look like Don Quichote?
 The "lights of Gondor"

 Living in the village, just like 100 years before

 On the other side is Poland
 Did you ever saw a black storck
A historical beehive in the bee-museum


  1. Danke, viele DANKE, Janine!!!! You've NO idea how much I've enjoyed your tour. My Great-grandfather was from Slovakia, so I truly loved all of these pictures. Now I know why I love the mountains so much . . . . I think it's in my DNA!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox

  2. Oh Terri that´s great,
    Have you ever been there?

  3. Die Familie von meinem Mann stammt auch aus der Gegend von Bratislava. Ich hatte aber keine Ahnung dass es so schoen ist. Vielen Dank!

  4. Janine, this palce looks awesome. I would love to go here for a hols! Thanks for sharing and so pleased you had so much fun and wonder here.

  5. Your pictures are beautiful Janine! Slovakia looks like a fun place to visit. Some of the buildings remind me of buildings in the very southeast corner of Germany -- near Salzburg.

  6. oh I love the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! hive....what a cool place Janine!!! and you seem to be traveling all the time!!!! you are so lucky to see all these amazing places....

  7. What a beautiful place1 Thanks for sharing the pictures... I wish I went with you! lol
    My favorite picture is the lights of Gondor!