Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011

Ahhhhhhhh !!!! I can´t comment!! Help!!!!

Hallo meine Lieben
Nach dem ich mich schon so gefreut habe, das ich nun wieder in meinem Blog komme und in mein Dashboard, musste ich heute feststellen, dass ich bei Euch plötzlich keinen Kommentar hinterlassen kann.
Ich schreibe einen Kommentar, dann soll ich mich bei Blogger wieder mit meinem Passwort annehmen, und.... es wird nicht erkannt, obwohl ich mich bei meinem Blog schon angemeldet habe.
Anne hat geschrieben, sie hätte so ein Problem auch schon mal gehabt.
Kann man da was tun, oder muss man einfach abwarten?
Falls ihr bei mir einem Kommentar hinterlassen könnt und weiter wisst, freue ich mich über Rat und Hilfe
Hello my friends

After I've been so happy, that I have access to my blog and my dashboard again, now  I can`t leave you any comment.
After writing a comment, Bloggers asks me to re-enter my password, and .... it is not recognized, even though I've been logged into my blog already.
Anne wrote that she has had such a problem before.
Is there anything I can do, or can I just wait?
If you can leave me a comment and know what to do, I would be so  pleased about your advise and help.
I wnt to thank you for your support and dear comments on my latest posts.
Your friendship means a lot to me and I hope, I will be able to communicate with you as soon as possible.

I Had a Idea. I installed another explorer (Firefox instead of explorer) and now it seems to work!!


  1. Glad you got your blogging sorted, it's so frustrating not being able to run it smoothly.
    We need you here Janine, your the spice of blog land!

  2. Oh Janine, I'm not even going to get into what happened to me yesterday when I upgraded to Mozilla's Fire Fox...I had no Internet and couldn't even access Internet Explorer...what a mess. Luckily, I have a very savy son-in-law who works for Apple and he talked me through everything, which meant I had to delete lots of history and temp. files, so today, it took me an hour with my bank to get my online banking back on track.

    I've noticed that blogger has been having lots of hiccup problems. It's happened where I can't leave comments either...very frustrating because I don't want my blogger buddies to think I'm ignoring them...it's enough to want to pull your hair out!! AAAAAHHHH!!!

    Thanks for coming by and leaving your very sweet comment. I'm having a giveaway soon so stay tuned!! Have a wonderful week and hang there, my friend...we won't let these machines get the better of us!! LOL


  3. Janine, I love Firefox! (you will too!)
    But there still have been issues with Blogger and leaving comments, so DON'T WORRY!!!
    We all know it's a mess and will be right here, on the other side of the computer screen whenever Blogger GROWS UP and quits acting like a whiney child!


  4. I'm going to send your idea about installing the other firefox to Elizabeth, aka Elizabeth and Bluebeard. She's having trouble too.

  5. We've all been having problems with Blogger lately. Mine is fixed. I unclicked, oh I forgot what I unclicked, darn!! Well I'm glad your able to comment now because I did get a comment from you. Have a great day tomorrow and good to see you.

  6. I've had that problem too -- I end up moving to another computer and, like you, using firefox. In fact, that's where I am now, 'cause your blog is one of the ones that blogger doesn't play nice with. What I don't understand is that not all blogger blogs have this problem!