Montag, 7. Juni 2010

Teddy for ever

Hallo meine Lieben,
nach unserer Ägyptenreise gab es noch eine kleine Fahrt. Die war nicht so weit weg und nicht so spektakulär.
Meine Mutti und ich fuhren nach Gingen an der Brenz, einem verschlafenen kleinen Ort in Baden- Würtemberg.
Das gesondere an Giengen ist, das es die Geburtsstadt von Margarethe Steiff ist.
Dort ist auch die Steifffabrik, und domit der Geburtsort so vieler geliebter Teddies, und dort ist das fabelhafte Steiffmuseum, wer mich kennt weis wie sehr mir dieses Museum gafallen haben muss.
Und tatsächlich, es war super schön und magisch. Wenn man Glück hat so wie wir, dann macht man den ersten Teil, die Führung, mit Kindern. Die kommen aus dem´staunen nicht mehrs raus.
Alles Liebe und umarmt euer inneres Kind

Hello my friends,
after our journey to egypt, my mother and I made another short trip. Not so spectacular, not so far away just to a little sleepy town in the south of Germany called Giengen an der Brenz.
The special thing about Giengen is, that it is the birthtown of Margarete Steiff. Here is the Stiff- factory, so it is the birthtown of many beloved teddy- bears too, and here is the fabulous Steiff- museum.
Those who know me, can imagine how much I loved it.
And yes, it was so beautiful and magical. When you are lucky, like we were, you go through it with childeren.
It is so lovely to see them with open mouth and wide opend eyes.
Embrace your inner child my friends
Love Janine

Margarete with rhe first Teddy, left her first plush- animal ever the little elefant

Her nephew Richard, the gentleman on the bozzom, envented the mechanism to make the bears move

Special county- edition, here Germany and Switzerland

In one part of the museum all Animals are in like- live size,

They can all be touched, and the children are allowed so sit on them.

Some treasures from the worls biggest Steiff- shop...

wich can be heaven or (think of the prices) hell.


  1. What a treat!!! I have a very soft spot in my heart for Teddies, Janine - my husband's nick name is "Bear" and I've collected bears for many years. I don't have a Steiff, but I've truly enjoyed your tour!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. oh this is such a feast for the eyes Janine!!! I have misses so much here....I love teddy bears!!! they are so sweet and there is always something warm and inviting about them!!!

    Have a wonderful week!!!


  3. Einfach traumhaft, diese Bilder!
    toller Post!

  4. Oh what a magical place Janine! I love teddy bears...actually, I love all stuffed animals! Great pictures, thanks so much for sharing! xo Paulette

  5. Ah! What a great trip! I cannot imagine going there and not coming home with a teddy of my own. Parts of the museum look like the 'It's a Small World' ride at Disneyland!