Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

Hin und weg Teil 2 / carried away part2

Liebe Freunde,
es gab mit Blogger ein paar Problemchen, weil es wohl zu viele Bilder waren. Deshalb nun Teil 2, denn ich will euch doch noch ein paar Fotos vom Nil zeigen.
Also bitte....
Dear friends,
I have got some problems with blogger, because the photos where too many. But I want to show you some photos of the nile too, therefore there is a part 2
Et voilá...

the nile at Assuan

Kitchener Island near Assuan

Beautiful is the temple pf philae on an island near Assuan

God Horus in the temple of Edfu

Pharao Ramses in the temple of Luxor

Karnak temple

On the road to the valley of the kings

A grave in the valley

Ich hoffe das waren jetzt nicht zu viele Bilder, oder waren es noch nicht genug?
Ihr findet bald mehr davon in einem neuen Fotoalbum auf meiner Sidebar.
Bis dann alles Liebe
Eure Janine
I hope these weren´t to much photos, or weren´t they enough?
You can soon find more in a new photobook at my sidebar.
All the best
Yours Janine


  1. Das is jetzt noch unglaublich schoen. Ich kann mir gar nicht vorstellen wie das original aussah. Was fuer eine tolle Reise! We missed you though.

  2. Fantastische Bilder hast du mitgebracht. Ich finde, dass 1001 Nacht nicht treffend ist, eher erinnert es mich an das Jahr 0 unserer Zeitrechnung.
    Du wirst sicher von diesem schönen Erlebnis noch lange zehren
    Schön dass du wieder da bist

  3. Wow, wonderful it is to be in Egypt. I always wanted to go there, but I'll just enjoy your pictures instead!! Have a safe and fun trip.


  4. What a fantastic trip, and your pictures are beautiful, Janine! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. Janine, so lovely to hear from you. Your a great friend.
    I go to have the piece of bone out this Friday.
    I will be on the road to recovery, yeah!
    Loved looking at the photos, there beautiful!
    One of the places I would like to visit. Gave me a huge smile while looking at them.

    Loads of love Janine!


  6. janine,
    i am so happy to see you again.
    yes, it has be awhile. busy busy all of us.
    loving your photos!
    thank you for your kind visit to my blog, and yes the "come away with me" is a name of the song.. but I did not think of it when I wrote it on the art.. isnt't that funny?
    I meant.. come away with me on my journey in art.. lol

  7. Janine,
    Thought I would mention, I left you a long post.. it is not going thru.. the page quickly moves up and away..? help?

  8. It was wonderful to hear from you, Janine. Your photos are always a joy...they are so very beautiful. Love them. Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs, Gayle.

  9. Hi sweet Janine,
    And welcome back! Gosh, the photos are stunning! Simply breathtaking! I was always fascinated with Egypt and their great, incredible civilization, but I never went there! You lucky, lucky girl! :)
    Thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment!
    Lots of love, Sanda xoxo

  10. Oh My goodness I am so glad to hear from you. You have been traveling and from your beautiful pictures you had a wonderful time! The pictures are AMAZING!!!! Oh it's good to have you back. Please don't apologize I'm glad one of us got to have a wonderful vacation he he he he! So glad to have you back and thanks for coming by. It's always, always good to hear from you my friend. Again the pictures are gorgeous and thanks so much for your sharing your adventure with us! Hugs to you!

  11. Hi Janine. It is good to hear from you again and how wonderful that you took all these pictures for us to see. I bet you are just tanned all over. That hot sun over there will do it. I really enjoyed looking at these photos and feeling like I was there. Thanks ever so much. Take care.

  12. Holy Cow Janine! What a surprise trip you have had - it looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures -- it looks like you had a wonderful time. What an exciting trip!

  13. I think blogger ate my comment! I hope this one makes it -- I'm so excited that you had such a fabulous trip. Your pictures are gorgeous Janine - what a wonderful surprise!

  14. Wow, thank you for these photos! What an amazing place, the ancient statues and busy markets. I never imagined the nile was so lush in places. So exotic and old-worldly. This must have been the trip of a lifetime!

  15. Janine, what a fabulous vacation you had. Egypt looks like an awesome placed to visit. Love your photos. They make me want to visit too!