Donnerstag, 25. März 2010

Shoe be doo be doo

Hallo ihr Lieben,
wie die meisten Frauen, bin auch ich schuhsüchtig,
aber leider kann ich dieser Sucht nach meiner Fuß-OP nicht mehr so fröhnen wie ich will, da ab sofort orthopädische Einlagen statt Pumps angesagt sind.
Eigentlich habe ich selten Schuhe mit Absatz getragen, aber dennoch eine Menge davon gehabt, für besondere Anlässe, in allen möglichen Farben. Ihr wißt ja wie das ist.Nun muss ich vernünftig sein und mir flache Gesundheitsschuhe anschaffen. Wenn schon keine schicken Schuhe mehr in meinem Schuhschrank sein dürfen, dann doch wenigstens als Bilder an der Wand.
Hello my friends,
like most women I am a shoe addict,
but unfortunatly I can´t live that addiction out any more after my foot- operation , cause I have to wear orthopaedic insoles instead of high heels. Actually I didn´t wore high heels very often, but I had quiet a lot of them, for all kind of occasions, in all kind of colours.
You know what I mean. Now I have to be reasonable and buy myselfe flat, healthy shoes. When there are no more glamourous shoes in my shoe-shelf, than at least as paintings on my wall.


  1. Wie cool sind die denn???



  2. Sorry Janine about your not being able to wear the high heels. I never wear them. I like the flat shoes, nothing high. My knees would tend to hurt when I wore high shoes. I think those shoes on you painted are awesome. They're very nice shoes be du be shu. :D Have a great rest of the week.

  3. Janine, I couldn't live without my Birkenstocks. Sadly my days of high heels are over too, but I LOVE the idea of pretty shoes hanging on the wall! These are fantastic! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. I like high heels too but i won't wear them because it's quite suffering wear them ^^ i like these painting.I like these paintings especially the red shoe.

  5. i love your shoe beee dooo bee dew's !

    very nice work!

    ciao bella

  6. Die Schuehe sind sehr schoen. Besser dass man sie anschaut und etwas anderes traegt. Ich schaffe es auch nicht. Ich moechte high heels sehr gern tragen aber die tuen mir auch weh. Es gibt auch einige flache Schuehe die schoen sind.

  7. oh shoessssssssssss!!! what fun Janine!!!who doesn't love shoes!!! I only wear heals if I am doing something really really special...for everyday....I prefer comfort!!!

  8. Ohlala ich liebe Schuhe heiss und innig habe auch ganzganzganz viele und davon ziehe ich auch ganganzganz viele nicht an. Mit Absatz tu ich mich schwer. Stell dir vor; auch ich hatte Fuss Op. (Jeck) aber ist schon länger her trotzdem; er schmerzt vor allem bei diesem ekelwetter wie zur Zeit.
    Sind das nun Kisten oder Keilrahmen-oder beides? Die sehen so super aus. SUPI du Künstlerin. Stelle mir gerade alle in einer Reihe vor (ich hab da noch ein Plätzchen ;-) )
    Herrlich Janine.
    Liebe Grüße bis bald, ich freue mich

  9. how not to love shoes? your paintings are beautiful and make me want to dress up and wear some high heals!

  10. Shoes, shoes and more shoes. I am in heaven for sure! Your paintings are so fabulous, these would sell really well.
    Hope you can watch the video. I have problems watching some video's and use different internet providers to help. I will keep my fingers crossed!
    Thank you Janine so much for your beautiful messages. Like a breath of fresh air with love hearts floating by when I read them.

    Hope you manage to find some beautiful shoes that you adore with your special insoles. So you can be comfortable and still in love with your shoes.
    I am having a fabulous week becuase of your beautiful message.
    Hope I can send as much love to you also!



  11. Shoe-be-doo-be-doo! Hahahaha, you are too funny! Aaaaah, seriously, though, these shoes are GORGEOUS! Oh my goodness, they are fantastic paintings! Beautiful jewel-toned colors and angles. A whole set of these on the wall would be any woman's delight! And your shoe shop is very European, very chic!

    Awww, I'm sorry you cannot wear them anymore. And it's too bad I'm not the same size. I think you should design some really sexy flats, yes?


  12. Janine...these are it acrylic on canvas? Thats too bad you cant wear them anymore. Shoes make me happy!

  13. Hi Janine! I'm so sorry about your poor tootsies!... I really love your shoe drawings!!! xoxo Paulette ;)

  14. really gorgerous paintings of the shoes!!

  15. I love, love, love your shoe paintings!