Dienstag, 9. März 2010


Hallo meine Lieben,
das Puppenfieber hat mich endgültigt gepackt.
Inspieriert von Marie Antoinette hab ich diese Puppe Marie genannt ( Ich hätte vor dem fotographieren ihr Kleid bügeln sollen lol).
Und weil sie einmal gefragt haben soll, warum die Leute keinen Kuchen essen, wenn sie kein Brot haben,
habe ich dafür gesorgt, dass sie stets genug Kuchen hat.

Ganz was anderes, Inspiration gibt es überall. Ich hab mir zwei Filme über besonders  inspirierende Frauen gekauft, die viel Freude und Liebe in das Leben zahlreicher Kinder und Erwachsener brachten.
Beatrix Potter und die von mir sehr verehrte Margarete Steiff.
Falls ihr diese Filme noch nicht kennt, kann ich sie euch wärmstens empfehlen. Sie sind beide wunderschön.
Euch noch einen schönen Tag
Hello my friends,
I defenetly got the doll fever.
Inspired by Marie Antoinette, I named this cloth- doll Marie. ( i should have ironed her dress before taking a photo lol).
Because she is said to have asked why the people do not eat cake when they have no bread, I took care, that she will allways have enough of that.

Something else, insiration is everywhere. I bought myselfe two movies about two exceptionall inspiering women, who brought so much love and joy in the life of so many children and adults.
Beatrix Potter and the adorable Margarethe Steiff.
She was handicaped and sat in the wheel-chair for all her life, she could just use one hand but she was strong in mind and gifted with talent, phantasy and endurance. She invented the Teddy- bears.
I do not know if that movie is available in english speaking countries.
I found a little piece of it on youtube. It is the part where she is in hospital, hoping for cure.
I can suggest both films, they are wonderful.
Have a great week


  1. Na die ist ja wunderschön. Toll!!! Ich habe den Eindruck, Janine du zauberst deine Werke in Sekunden.?. Also ich komm da garnicht hinterher...
    Unser Treffen; da du arbeitest, richte ich mich natürlich nach dir! Mir ist jeder Tag - bis auf Montag da kann ich nie,(doch auch Abends)recht. Vielleicht ein Wochenende? Arbeitest du in Aachen? Oder nach oder vor der Arbeit (nur da ist man immer Zeitlich begrenzt)??? Wie wäre es denn mit einem Wochenende? Ehrlich, ich richte mich nach dem arbeitenden, bist ja bestimmt auch etwas müde oder? Janine gebe mir doch bescheid ob überhaupt ein Wochenende in Frage kommt, immerhin hast du ja auch deine Freizeit "nötig", wie hört sich das denn an, weisst wie ich es meine...
    Ich freue mich auf jeden Fall.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Shes so adorable.Im getting so into dolls again from all of you great bloggers of dolls.I have a porcelin coolection but stopped collecting years ago.

    I was going to ask if the Margaret Steif is the one that makes bears.I got my answer,lol.I would love to see those movies especailly the one about Steiff!

    Have a great rest of the week janine!~~Becky

  3. Hi Janine! I love her! Her face, her hair, her outfit...and those cakes too! xo's Paulette

  4. Wow, Janine, another beautiful doll, she gorgeous!
    Loved learning a little about thd teddy bear inventor. So inspiring.
    Hope you're having a brilliant week!



  5. Janine, your Marie is fabulous! Your doll making skills are getting better and better. I adore Beatrix Potter and LOVE that movie! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  6. I love your Marie doll! And I actually got to see "Miss Potter" in a little theatre in England's Lake District where she lived! I love that movie! I'll have to look for the other movie too ~ it sounds wonderful. Have a great day ~ Jill

  7. Janine, she's a beauty....love her. I love my little Steiff mini-teddy bear. Actually, it belongs to my oldest son, but I'm keeping it till he wants it. My brother had a large one as a child..my grandparents had gone to
    Europe in the QE in 1955 and brought him one back from Germany.

    Have a wonderful week.


  8. If you like Miss Potter - you'd like the novels written by Susan Albert Wittig about her life - they are really enchanting. You may find them here: http://www.cottagetales.com/books/

  9. wow janine!!! you made the doll?? it's amazing!

  10. Marie is just beautiful Janine. Great work. I like to watch a movie that has a story behind it and Beatrix Potter and the adorable Margarethe Steiff sound to me like they are worth watching. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Marie is adorable! And thanks for the movie tips -- I LOVED Miss Potter and own that one -- I'll have to look for the Steiff movie!

  12. Janine, your doll is just gorgeous!! And thanks for the movie recommendations. I still have my Steiff rabit I got when I was born. A prized treasure!! Thinking of you today!! Much love, Silke

  13. Hi Janine!!! oh this doll is fantastic!!! wow!!! I love her and the photos....especially beside the sweet tray!!! and that yummy stuffed donut!!! you are so creative!!!

  14. Janine, your dolls are just incredible! Wow, she has a beautiful face, and what great hair! She should be very happy next to those giant pastries. :D

  15. "...said to have asked why the people do not eat cake when they have no bread...". Ha, ha, indeed funny.
    But there are some historians that think she was misunderstood, as she asked the servants to give the cake to the poor that did not have bread. Who knows?

    I can`t say that the doll is beautiful, cause would be a lie. It`s much more than that. Iron her dress? No, it`s charming this way.