Samstag, 4. Januar 2014

IF- time / Die drei Lebensalter - the three ages of life

Hallo meine Lieben.
Dies ist mein Beitrag zum Wochenthema von Illustration Friday mit dem Titel "Time".
Ich habe mich dabei von der keltischen Mythologie und der Erdgöttin Bridgid inspirieren lassen, die oft in einer Art Dreieinigkeit in verschiedenen Lebensaltern dargestellt wird, als Mädchen, reife Frau und weise Alte.
Was zeigt besser den Verlauf der Zeit?

Ich habe dafür Röhren halbiert, auf  Holzplatten angebracht und mit Leinwand überzogen, und mit Acrylfarbe bemalt.
Die Form bringt eine besondere Plastizität hervor .
Ich habe die drei Bilder untereinander arrangiert und durch Holzleisten verbunden.
Metallfüße vervollständigen das Objekt.
Es ist ca. 100 cm hoch und steht nun auf meiner Fensterbank.
Ich hoffe ihr habt eine gute Zeit und ein schönes Wochenende.

Hello my friends.
this is my entry for this weeks Subjekt of Illustration Friday  "Time".
I have been inspired by the celtic Mythologie and the Earth- Godess Bridgid. She is often shown as  a Kind of trinity. As young girl, mature woman and wise old.
Time can´t be showend better.

I cutted pipes into half and and fixed them on wooden boards. I covered them with canvas and painted them with acrylic paint.
This form gives the Images a special plasticity..
I put the three paintings among each others and linked them with wooden ledges.
Metall legs makde it complete.
It is ca. 100 cm and now it stands on my window bench.
I hope you have a good time and a happy weekend.


  1. That is just beautiful, dear Janine! I love how you mounted those. What gave you the idea? It actually reminded me of the pillars by Rodolfo Morales, which I saw in person in an exhibit in Oaxaca some years ago (

    Hugs, Silke

  2. A beautiful and thoughtful response to topic of time, it really is perfectly done, i love both your paintings and the way you've arranged them!

  3. Nice take on the theme 'Time'; the maiden, mother and Celtic crone. Well done.

  4. Hola, my friend. I love what you did with Bridgid...lovely!! I too love Celtic myth and stories. I once told my mother I might have been a Celt in another life since I loved all that is "Celt." She said as far as she knows, no Celt blood in Mexico, anyway. However, I told her they might have been in Spain, hence the bloodline...we both laughed!

    Anyway, so happy to see you here. I will try to blog more myself...I miss all of you so much. Hope you New Year has been good to you and that it be our best year ever.


  5. wow!!! great take on the theme Janine!!!!

  6. Oh, Janine!!! Thank you so much for your blog visit and your kind words!!! It's wonderful to see how much you've grown as an artist!!! Sending very warm (and colorful) hugs! ♥ Terri

  7. Terrific idea and lovely paintings!

  8. Hi Janine. I love this idea of the faces at different stages in life. Nice job. Good to see you. gloria