Dienstag, 20. September 2011

Back again

Hallo meine Lieben,
ich hab mich im August ganz schön rar gemacht.
Ich hatte viel Arbeit und meine Kreativität ist ein wenig auf der Strecke geblieben.
Darüber hinaus hatte ich Gallenkoliken, die bald eine Opertion nötig machen werden.
Aber bevor es soweit ist, bin ich mit meiner Mama 12 Tage in New York gewesen.

Times square
OHHH war das schön. Diese Stadt ist so fantastisch und so überraschend.

Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass die New Yorker so freundlich, hilfsbereit und diszipliniert sind. (Das letzte Mal, das ich Leute brav in einer Reihe auf den Bus habe warten sehen, war in London vor 20 Jahren !!).

Es ist wie Alicia Keys singt:
"This streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you."
Ich fühl mich sehr inspiriert und fühle mich schon viel besser.

Euch alles Liebe und bis bald

Muppet workshop at FAO Schwarz
 Hello my friends
I've made ​​myself pretty scarce in August.

I had a lot of work and my creativity is fallen by the wayside.
In addition, I had gallbladder attacks, which make a surgery necessary.

Washington square
But before that will happen, My mother and I were in New York for 12 days. OHHH that was beautiful.
This city is so fantastic and so surprising.

The empire state building

I did not think that New Yorkers are so friendly, helpful and disciplined
(The last time I saw people standing lined up in a queue,waiting patiently for a bus,was in London 20 years ago!).

police on horseback on 42th street
It is, like Alicia Keys sings:
"This Street will  make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you."
I feel very inspired and I feel much better now.

Brooklyn Bridge

pretty houses in lovely Brooklyn

All the best to you,
till soon
Radio city music hall

New York Fashionweek / Photoshooting at Central Park

Two and a half men

Frida Kahlo at the MOMA

An Artist drawing art in Metropolitan museum
prayers for peace at St.Pauls Chapel next to ground Zero, the day befor the 10th anniversary

Skyline from "Top of the rocks"


  1. Hallo!
    Ich freue mich sehr dass deine Reise nach New York schoen war...aber Schade um den Gallenkolliken. :(

  2. Oh wow, Janine, Hope your mending really well now, sorry I didn't know you were poorly. HUGS!
    you showed us so much of new York in your photos. There fantastic!
    Lovely to see your posts again and so pleased your able to come back to us.
    Loads of love!

  3. Yay Janine..welcome back my friend...I have missed your creative spirit! Thanks for sharing your magical adventures and beautiful photos..shine on..

  4. Hallo Janine.
    Wie schön dass du wieder da bist. Ich habe dich vermisst. Weißt du, dass du oft meine kreative Inspiration bist?
    Es freut mich, dass du eine schöne Zeit in New York hattest. Meine Tochter war mal dort und war auch total begeistert.
    Das mit der Galle ist hoffentlich bald ausgestanden. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute
    Liebe Grüße

  5. So happy to see you've returned, Janine. I had to laugh at your comment about New Yorkers queuing up to wait for a bus. That's pretty much what we do here in the U.S. While living in Germany, I was so surprised that wasn't the custom there or in many other countries except for England...guess they're influence stuck here!! LOLOLOLOL

    I was in NYC too a few years ago and wish I had more time to see lots of it, but I was working at the time and our little side tour was cut short since we had to get to New Haven, Connecticut right away for testing. Glad you had lots of time to see so much.

    Have a great weekend and let's see more paintings...you've been missed!


  6. I would love to have visited a cupcake shop with you in New York! Sounds like you had a great time in this wonderfu city. Thanks for sharing your photos.
    The Cupcake Queen

  7. So lovely to hear from you Janine, what a lovely surprise! Glad you found me!
    I haven't got a clue what happened to my blog, so odd! Hopefully everyone will find me somehow!
    Loads of love to you janine! Did you get my last message about your trip to New York? I really like all your photos, there awesome!
    HUGS! :) Julie

  8. HOW AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Oh Janine, looks like you had a wonderful time traveling and seeing places!! This is so exciting and fabulous. Great pictures you share as well. I really hope that you had a fabulously fun time in the city and then traveling else where. I hope to get to Germany next year sometime. I want to see Germany, Paris, London and Rome. I am looking forward to it. Thanks so much for you sweet comments and words. I am mending slowly, but well. Thanks so much Darling. Wishing you much joy and sweet peace.

  9. Awesome New York pics! I'm jealous :)
    I hope you are doing ok with your health problems. Get well soon!

  10. Hello Janine!!!! great to see you are back and super excited that you went to one of my favorite places!!!! I love NY!!!!!

  11. Janine so cool I've found you! Its your beautiful avatar painting in the following lists. I had such a huge smile when I spotted you.
    Have changed my blog account www.julieannfrances.blogspot.com
    Huge HUG!

  12. Janine thank you so much, so much love to you!
    I went to New York for a day trip from New Jersey, it was awesome. I love the rappers on the under ground train begging for money, but they did it so well! I think that what my best part of the day there,lol! Your so right everyone is so friendly!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely time there!
    :) Julie

  13. I've gone back to Julieannbowden.blogspot.com what am I like! I've been adviced it easier and less confusing if I stayed with the same name as before,lol!

  14. Oh, Janine!!! You had a wonderful time in the Big Apple!!! How lucky of you to have sunshine and good weather. You were really busy!!! Just look at all of these wonderful pictures!!! And you were there for fashion week too!!!

    So sorry to hear that you're having gallbladder problems. I hope that your surgery goes well. Many thoughts and prayers are heading your way!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  15. AAAAAAAAHHHH! You were HERE! Oh, how fabulous! And you got to see so much wonderfulness! Celebrity sightings and Fashion Week and the memorial. Awww, I'm so glad you had a great trip.

    And I'm also glad to hear that you are recovered from surgery. Aww, that must have been painful. Please take care!