Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

Inspiration Avenue - "Primavera" and third blogoversery

Hallo meine Lieben
Ahh der Frühling, bringt er euch nicht auch zum Träumen?
Das Allerschönste ist der erste Moment im Frühling, wenn man ihn riecht.
Kennt ihr das?
Plötzlich riecht man Gras und Blüten und all die Gerüche die Monate lang verschwunden waren und von uns schon fast vergessen.
Man dreht sich um und sieht Knospen und junge Blätter die Gestern noch nicht da waren.
Dieser Moment treibt mir immer Tränen der Rührung in die Augen,
ich kann es nicht ändern, ich bin hoffnungslos sentimental.
Ich bin sicher Herr und Frau Lampe geht es genauso.

Über mein philosophieren über den Frühling habe ich glatt vergessen, das ich gestern mein drittes Blogjahr vollendet habe.
Mann oh Mann, wie die Zeit vergeht.
Aber in dem Fall, keine vertane Zeit, sondern eine gute Zeit, die ich nicht missen möchte.
So das war es aber für heute,
alles Liebe
Hello my friends
The challenge of Inspiration Avenue this week is, "Primavera".
Ahh the spring, doesn´t it make you dream too ?
The most beautiful thing in spring is the first time when you can smell it.
Do you know what I am talking about?
Suddenly, you can smell the grass and flowers and all the other odors wich were gone for months and had almost been forgotten.
You turn around and you see the buds and young leaves wich weren´t there the day befor.
This moment makes me almost cry,for joy.
I can´t help it, I'm hopelessly sentimental.
I'm sure Mr. and Mrs.rabbit feel the same about it.

Philosophizing about spring, I completely forgot that yesterday I finished my third year of blogging.
Boy oh boy, time goes on so fast .
But in this case, the time is not wasted  but a good time,wich I do not want to miss.
So that´s enough for today


  1. Das sehen wir auch hier. Ich freue mich so sehr wenn ich kleine Knospen und Blueten sehe.

  2. Der Frühling und dein Bild bringt mich zum träumen. Es ist wunderschön.
    Ich gratuliere dir zum Bloggeburtstag.
    Meine vergesse ich regelmäßig ;-(
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Yuo're not hopelessly sentimental; you're just a Romantic, and I think that's a wonderful way to view the world. The happiest people I know are Romantics. Your art is amazing; your use of color is especially skillful, I think, in that you've managed to use hues that are strong and delicate all at once. Happy Spring!

  4. herzlichen glückwünsch zum bloggeburtstag und auf weitere jahre mit dir und deinen schönen werken,liebe Janine.
    dein bild ist absolut traumhaft*schmelzdahin*

    liebe Grüße
    Sanja xox

  5. Very pretty! I like the brightness and color!

  6. I love the sun twinkling through the branches! Your colors are so fresh and springy. Can't wait for things to green up around here! Your painting captures the Primavera idea very well! :)

  7. Wow Janine...this is so beautiful and sparks my heart and spirit to life..your trees are totally magical..iI want to walk through them and journey with the rabbits! Awesome!!
    yay congrats!

  8. Such a beautiful painting, I love those first moments of spring too.

  9. This is truly awesome, I love how you have rendered the branches, leaves and the sun peeking through them! So pretty and skillfully done. And the colors,so beautifully springlike! <3

  10. Janine, this is so lovely! The rabbits are sweet. But it's the colors in the trees that dazzle me the most! And the way they let the light shine through -- gorgeous! You fill me with spring. xoxo

  11. Nobody enjoys spring more than bunnies :)
    What a pretty painting, Janine. I love the sun peeking through the trees.

  12. Your painting sure oozes spring and happiness. Beautiful! I so want spring to be here. Will you be going on your hols travelling and site seeing again in the summer. I love looking at your travelling photos too!
    I often think about the huge dragon you have on the side of your house! Impressive!

    Much love! Julie

  13. You could never bore me Janine, your such a beautiful person! Huge smile :D

  14. Mr and Mrs Rabbit look blissful. It's a lovely painting Janine I made a doll I named'Primavera!

  15. Hello Janine!!!!! I love love love this new painting of yours!!!! wonderful work!!!

  16. How sweet. I love bunnies too.

  17. Janine,
    Thank you for leaving such a kind comment on my blog and entry for IA. I LOVE your painting, it beautifully captures the essence of Spring. I totally agree about the Spring..smelling the fragrance it brings and her treasures just popping out everywhere. We actually get to be in the center of her beautiful painting!!
    Also congrats on your 3rd year of blogging.
    Time is so short, keeping doing what you LOVE ~*


  18. So colorful and bright with two adorable bunnies, just like I'm seeing around here recently.

  19. Hi Janine, good to see this great painting. Love it! Very nice color as well. Hope you are doing good and congrats on 3 years of blogging. Yay! Happy Primavera.

  20. Bunnies bunnies bunnies! Love this so much, you can see both the love of the characters for one another and your love of these creatures shining through. So happy to see a fellow art maker and animal lover all wrapped in one :-D

  21. Beautiful painting! And yes I know exactly what you mean when you describe the smell of Spring in the air! It's a wonderful feeling knowing that all of the Nature is waking up and new energy is here!

  22. I know exactly the smell of spring you are talking about. Heavenly! I see rabbits in the snow (they show up well at night against the white) and I feel so sorry for them out in the cold. So I'm sure they feel so happy when spring finally comes. I love your sparkly painting!

  23. Your beautiful painting met the challenge so well. Congrats on 3 yrs. of blogging, I'm going back through some of your posts to see your work.


  24. Oh yes, the sweet smell of spring is wonderful, I agree! Love your cute bunnies and beautiful trees. This painting is alive with the promise and beauty of Spring!

    Congratulations on 3 years of blogging!

    Kat :-)

  25. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem 3. Bloggerjahr :) Dein Hasenbild sieht wunderschön aus.

  26. Janine, You are so correct. The smell of spring it wonderful. Awaiting the daffodils and hyacynths to come up is most fun, cherry blossoms and most of all, the beautiful fushia colored apple blossoms!
    I want to tell you how lovely your blog looks! I love your blog banner too! It seems to be easier for me to get here now! Hugs, Darlene

  27. Just popping in again!!! your note today made my day!!!! you are such a sweet and supportive friend!!! thank you so much Janine!!