Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

PAPERDOLLS - Inspiration Avenue Art Challenge

Hallo meine Lieben
Ich hoffe ihr hattet ein genauso schönes Wochenende wie ich.
Ich möchte euch noch einmal einladen an meinem Neujahrs GIVEAWAY teilzunehmen.
Und was für ein schönes Thema das ist.
Lasst mich euch Evita, meine Paperdoll vorstellen
Hello my friends,
I hope you had a great weekend, just like I had.
And again I want to invite you to join my  New- Years GIVEAWAY
And what a wonderful subject this is.
Let me introduce to you, Evita my paperdoll.

Gekleidet als Drama- queen
Dressed up as drama queen

Hier ist ein Cupcake- kleid
Here is the Cupcake- dress

Hier ist sie als Cupcake gekleidet
Here she is dressed up as a cupcake

Und hier könnt ihr sie mit all ihren Kleidern sehen.
Ich hoffe, ihr mögt sie.
Schaut euch all die anderen tollen Beiträge an, die ihr auf Inspiration Avenue finden könnt
Ich wünsch euch eine tolle Woche
Eure Janine

And here you can see her with all her dresses
I hope you like her,
check out the other amazing entrys, you can find on Inspiration Avenue.
Have a great week
Yours Janine


  1. Not sure my comment went thru...
    I love her, she is the cutest and cleverest ever!!!

  2. Wow great job beautiful paperdolls I'm impressed!

  3. Ich sehe manchmal wie ein cupcake aus, auch ohne Kostuem. Sie hat aber eine sehr schoene Figur.

  4. I just love your paper doll and all her outfits!

  5. Oh she is great Janine. Awesome paper doll. Her outfits are just darling. Thanks for sharing. Loved it!

    1. I think you could probably market this adorable paper doll! I'm such a fan of paper dolls and just fell in love with her. The outfits and themes are great. The cupcake outfit is very in right now since cupcakes are all the rage here in the States.

  6. Herrlich, danke für den fetten Grinser auf meinem Gesicht.

  7. This is one super amazing paper doll. I am in love with the cupcake skirt. It would hide a ton of sins, like someone's bottom who ate too many cupcakes! Great job with this challenge.

  8. Happy New Year, Janine! Oh hooray, you are starting the year off with so many delightful creations! I love Evita. That cupcake dress is a scream! So deliciously fabulous. They say that pastries go directly to your hips. At least in her case, she can just unzip and step out of it.

    So great to see you again, my sweet friend! And thank you, thank you for your wonderful Christmas card!!! Hope you are doing well. :)

  9. Simply wonderful and whimsical too. I love her! She is beautifully illustrated. Great paper doll. Thanks so much for stopping by. I went to my fridge to see if there where some popsicles too he he he he he he! Sadly there aren't any more. Thanks again, Hugs

  10. She is beautiful! Love the cupcake dress! ♥♥♥

  11. Your paper doll entry is so beautifully illustrated and enchanting. I love what you have done. The cupcake skirt is so fun! Great entry!

  12. She is so awesome..all of your creations are!