Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2011

Nochmal Frankreich / France again

Hallo meine Lieben,
ich bin wieder mal in Frankreich gewesen. In nur drei Stunden kann ich in Metz sein. Das ist eine wunderbare Stadt in der ich ziemlich oft bin. 
Ich möchte euch gern zeigen was diese tollen Stadt zu bieten hat. 
Hello my friends,
I have been again in France. In three hours I can be in Metz. This is a wonderful city, where I am quiet often. I want to show you what you can find in this awesome city.

  lovely art- deco houses and marvellous places

wonderful shops and tasty specialities

a great theatre

the beautiful rivers moselle and seille

ancient places .....

...and buildings

and lots of art

Ich wünsch euch einen tollen tag
I wish you a great day


  1. Was fuer wunderschoene Gebaeude! Ich bin ein bisschen neidisch, denn Frankreich ist so weit weg von mir. But if anyone deserves these lovely trips, it's you.

  2. Ohhhh, Janine! I am pea green with envy! What a beautiful place to visit! Thank you, My Friend, for sharing your photos with us!!! Thank you to for stopping by my blog. It's always a joy to hear from you! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. These photos are so beautiful; what a wonderful place to be able to visit in a reasonable amount of time!
    I love the history in Europe, the architecture and oh! Those pastries! I think I love those A LOT!!! ;-)


  4. Mmmmm very nice. Beautiful indeed. Thanks Janine. Loved the tour.

  5. Yay!! lucky beautiful photos..thanks for sharing your magical adventure!
    How I wish i was there..beautiful and divine! It must have been so wonderfully inspiring being there!!
    Wishing you a happy day!


  6. oh I wish I was there with you!!! what a great your photos and that bakery!!! oh la la!!!!

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!

  7. looks so interesting and beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos.
    You love visiting places like this and its always lovely to see your visits!

  8. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous! Three hours to a different time and place. I'm so jealous!

  9. GORGEOUS! Im coming to visit tomorrow! xoxo