Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Women of the world 7 / Croatia

Hallo meine Lieben,
ich setze heute meine Serie "Women of the world" fort.
 Wie ihr vorgeschlagen habt, bereise ich heute ein europäisches Land und bin nun in Kroation.
Ich bin vor drei Jahren in Opatija und Rijeka an der Mittelmeerküste gewesen und habe es wundervoll gefunden.
Ich wünsch euch allen einen schönen Tag
Hello my friends,
today I continue my series "Woman of the world".
Like you suggested, I travelled to a european country this time and am now in Croatia.
Three years ago I travelled to Opatija and Rijeka at the mediteranian coast and found it was wonderful.
I wish all of you a great day


  1. So gorgeous and powerful...shine on..you are awesome!!

  2. I love her and her outfit. Your English is very good, by the way. Think about all of us over here trying to write German!

  3. LoLove her Janine! It is fun seeing all the different ladies in traditional costume too.
    And your English is quite good~~the only German I rremember were words having to do with FOOD! :-)


  4. Thank you Victoria, this is so sweet of you.
    Anne and h.woman , I thank you for your compliment.
    I am happy that all the lonly hours when there is just me and my dictionairy pay out ;o)

  5. Hallo Janine,
    Als ich deine heutige Frau sah dachte ich dass die gesamten Bilder in einem Buch gehoeren, vielleicht ein Buch wo Kinder ueber Frauen der Welt lernen koennen...oder vielleicht auch ein Rezeptbuch.

  6. oh hurray!!!! I just made it in time for this amazing piece....wow Janine!!! I love love love her....you are on a roll my sweet friend!!!

    Our vacation was amazing and just what I needed....although I am finding it hard to get back into things full swing!!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!


  7. She's beautiful, Janine, and has a very special meaning for me. My mother and her family are all from Croatia! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

  8. Dear Janine,

    i read your comment thank you very much, so sorry for this late reply, just got back from my holiday.

    no, i dont sell prints of my drawings, i dont have Etsy :(( im so sorry about that, it's just that i never thought people would buy my drawings...

    but thank you for asking.
    you are very very kind to me.
    and you do beautiful paintings too!

  9. this is my first time visit, WOW, yes i said you do beautiful paintings, i can see that!!

    congrats, Janine, im so impressed!!


  10. Once again, another beautiful painting Janine!

  11. Diese Gesicht ist dir wirklich gut gelungen. Es ist eine schöne, stolze Frau.
    Liebe Grüße

  12. She is absolutely gorgeous! Oh wow, those eyes! She looks like royalty!