Freitag, 18. September 2009

Illustarion Friday - Welcome

"Herzlich Willkommen sind alle Kinder groß und klein im Kiosk der Leckerreien, wo es süße Versuchungen für ein paar Cent zu kaufen gibt.
Fast so wie damals, als wir Kinder waren."
Ein süßes Wochenende wünscht euch
" A warm welcome to all children big and small in the Candy- Kiosk, where you can have sweet temptation for just a few cents.
Just as it was, when we were children."
I wish a sweet weekend for all of you.


  1. Haste mal wieder super dargestellt, ich mag deine Art der Malerei.
    Janine, was machst du denn mit deinen Bildern,verkaufen?
    Lb. Grüße und ein schönes We an der Mosel.

  2. Janine! Terrific! This looks so nostalgic and dreamy. I love her hopeful face. So much candy goodness to choose from! I hope you have a fantastic trip this weekend.

  3. Hello Janine! Love your Candy-Kiosk painting! A perfect entry for Illustration Friday too! Thanks so much for your sweet visit! I really appreciate your comment on my King Tut visit! I loved your story about your visit too! Sounds like such an excitement 30 years ago! I can just imagine the long lines and crowds of curious people like me and you. To have seen the exhibit when it first came out was very special. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Lisa :)

  4. What a lovely painting! I love all of the candy. Yum.
    Thank you for stopping by. I tried googling the children's book you talked about with the little devil, but was unsuccessful. I did come across a favorite german children's book of my mother's, "Struwwelpeter". My children are a little scared of this one. I mostly remember the story of the little thumb sucker and the man with the big scissors. Do you remember this story? Ha ha Jennifer

  5. It's adorable Janine! Who doesn't love candy???

  6. This is a nice interpretation of the theme Janine! And a belated "Welcome" back to blog land too!

    Kaili x

  7. bin in moment ein wenig blog faul . wie ich sehe bist du nachbevor fleißig. klasse dein bild Janine.
    wünsche dir was

  8. OOh this is a very sweet welcome indeed! Very nice piece! I love your design and colors. Great work.

  9. Bonjour Janine! Miam! Miam! Oh! How tempting your painting is! I still go to a candy store with my son and his cousin when we go to the ocean during summer vacation! We all go crazy! Wonderful painting! So colorful! Have a great weekend! LuLu

  10. Janine! You know what? I moved to Germany and live in Partenheim. It's about 20 minutes from Mainz in a cute little dorflein:)

  11. Hi Janine, love this painting. The little girls face is so rosey and full of delight. Lots of dreamy things to choose.
    Thank you Janine for your lovely comments. So good to hear from you.
    Loved seeing the photos also of your travels. The buildings look so romantic.